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little-known things about me (but not anymore)

the lovely cassieoutdabox tagged me for ten facts, so let’s get started!

1) i’m going to my first fitting to be a bridesmaid soon. i’m terrified. the notion of being in my underwear in a restaurant weirds me out, and i really hope there are dividers. no, we are not eating first and going somewhere else later. the dresses are coming to us.

2) i would be a lot more fond of vacuuming if i didn’t get bruises from trying to lug the machine all around the house.

3) i don’t like dusting. with my allergies, it usually turns into a good hour of sneezing myself dizzy.

4) i don’t eat mcdonald’s chicken nuggets. even as a child, i refused to ingest them.

5) my favourite physical feature of my own is my nose.

6) on men, i like backs and collarbones.

7) i like walking through hardware stores and imagining my future house.

8) it’s not really a fact, but i can’t ignore how hungry i am right now (hence the past few food posts).

9) i wish my thighs were as meaty as my dog’s. she has all muscle, and she’s in great shape for a middle-aged mama!

10) i like scalding hot showers.

since cassie&i know a lot of the same people on tumblr, i won’t tag anyone specific. if any of my followers want to do this, i’d love to read all about you! (don’t forget to tag me.)

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